Explore the caves at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea.


Repnice are one of the unique features that will surely make an impression. These are caves dug in hard quartz sand, which were used for storing turnip over the winter.

Turnip was the main feed for livestock in the winter. The Slovenian word for turnip is ‘repa’, hence the name ‘repnica’. After these storing methods were no longer used, repnicas became a monument of the past, while many winegrowers turned them into special rooms for storing and tasting wine. In the small towns Brezovica, Bizeljsko, Pišece and Globoko, you can visit repnicas that are more than 200 years old, which can definitely be a unique experience.

Some repnicas have interesting ornaments on the sealing or walls. These caves have the ideal temperatures and humidity required for wine aging.
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