From the Michelin Plate to top local specialties.

Restaurants and Inns  in destination Čatež and Brežice

The taverns, pizza restaurants, and inns of Brežice always smell of tasty local food. Your taste bods will be delighted by the delicious tastes and rich menus enable anybody to find something they like. Hint: do not forget to try the house specials.

​Tourist Farm Vimpolšek

Tourist farm is located on the edge of Brežice, parallel to the regional road Krško – Brežice.

Pri Martinovih Tourist Farm

Tourist farm is located in the wine-growing hills and peaks of Gorjanci, 5 kilometres from Ljubljana – Zagreb motorway.

​Reset Brewery

Fresh beer from 12 taps poured in a clean glass by professional staff behind the bar. A dream of every true beer lover! On top of that, you can also be served quality pub food and enjoy the experience!

​Ošterija Debeluh Restaurant

The Ošterija Debeluh restaurant is a winner of the prestigious JRE award for culinary achievements.

​Valentina Restaurant and Pizzeria

Close to the Slovenian–Croatian border in Dobova, at the southeasternmost part of Slovenia, passengers are friendly greeted by the Valentina Restaurant and Pizzeria.


Huda is a pleasant pizzeria in the main street in the old town centre, in the close vicinity of the Brežice Castle.

Santa Lucija Restaurant and Pizzeria

A former pharmacy, now the Santa Lucija Restaurant and Pizzeria stands in the town centre of Brežice. They organise luncheons and dinners for different occasions.

Pension Les Inn

Pension Les Inn is located in the centre of the village of Čatež ob Savi, close to the town of Brežice and the Terme Čatež Spa.

Cetin Inn

The inn is located in Mostec, near the Terme Čatež Spa. You can take the ferry boat from there which will bring you across the Sava River to the other side.

Erban Inn

The Erban Inn is located in Župelevec, by the main road connecting Brežice and Bizeljsko.

Kocjan Inn

The Kocjan Inn is in Stara Vas na Bizeljskem, 15 km from Brežice. It is famous for delicious local food, friendly service and pleasant atmosphere.

Rafter's Gastro Pub Inn

For several years, the Splavar restaurant, confectionery and hotel in the centre of old town of Brežice provide hospitality to visitors and gourmets. The first hungry travellers passing Brežice on their way to the Black Sea were raftsmen, hence the name Splavar. After many years, the philosophy of Splavar stays the same: satisfaction!

​Italia Restaurant and Pizzeria

The Italia Restaurant and Pizzeria is located right at the entrance to the city of Brežice, only two kilometres from the Terme Čatež Spa. You can enjoy your meal on a spacious terrace or opt for a pleasant interior ambience. The restaurant can serve up to 100 guests.

Point Pizzeria and Restaurant

Point offers a wide variety of pizzas from a wood-burning oven and grilled dishes. They also serve barbecue dishes, LCHF pizzas and other LCHF dishes (LCHF – low-carb, high-fat).

Šekoranja Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the centre of Bizeljsko. It is one of 40 hundred-years old restaurants mentioned in the book Izbrane gostilne in restavracije (Selected inns and restaurants) by ethnologist, Dr Janez Bogataj.

Magdalena Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Jesenice na Dolenjskem, near the Croatian border, 11 km from Brežice and 9 km from the Terme Čatež Spa. The family-run restaurant with accommodations serves different local and international specialties.

Pohak Restaurant

You will find the Pohak Restaurant in the centre of Cerklje ob Krki, by the road connecting Brežice and Kostanjevica na Krki. Its location is seven kilometres from Brežice and the Terme Čatež Spa.

Racman Restaurant

Their culinary offer is based on local homemade dishes with a modern twist. You can enjoy seasonal dishes and fish, a la carte dishes and four types of prepared meals.

Strniša Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Jesenice na Dolenjskem. It stands one kilometre from the Mokrice Castle with a golf course and the Obrežje border crossing, and six kilometres from the Terme Čatež Spa.

Old Inn “Krulc”

The Krulc Inn is the oldest of its kind in the Posavje region, dating back to 1529. According to the oral tradition, Matija Gubec, the leader of the Croatian–Slovene Peasant Revolt dined there.

Štefanič Restaurant

The Štefanič Restaurant is located in Brežice, next to the bus station and ten minutes walk from the old town Brežice. Terme Čatež are three kilometers away. They serve hot meals, lunch, pizzas, grilled dishes, fish and Mexican food, a la carte dishes and desserts.

Grill Brežice Restaurant

The Grill Brežice Restaurant offers grilled specialties roasted over natural charcoal which gives the dishes great and distinctive taste. They offer all kinds of grilled meat, side dishes, grilled vegetables, delicious pizzas, salads, and desserts.

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