Sromlje Trail of Wine and Sun

Length: 13.5 km
Duration: 6 h
Starting point: Kranjčič Snack Bar in Silovec

The trail starts at the Kranjčič Snack Bar. The Sromlje Trail of Wine and Sun (the Sromlje Trail) invites you to Sromlje hills with the most beautiful wine-growing positions which have been appreciated for its worth for ages. Therefore, there is no coincidence that these hills were cultivated for wine-growing production by the local landlords, prominent foreigners (Thierry) and the Counts of Attems, whereas the warm sun invited the ladies of the Castle to go outside for a stroll. The trail leads you past Ajdovska jama (the Pagan's Cave) and offers a nice view of Sopote, which according to the legend is called a “sunny place”. You will pass hills and valleys covered in vineyards, orchards and livestock farms. You will pass the oldest indigenous wine variety called “belina” (Gouais Blanc), the only surviving wine variety after the phylloxera infection at the end of the 18th century, and on your way experience a selection of homemade culinary delights. The intoxicating wine and the warm sun invited the ladies of the castle to stroll around the hills. The elevated wine-growing landscape on the sunny side of the hills called Orliško hribje also served as an inspiration for the artist Lenart Polšak. You will be accompanied by his work along the Trail of Sun and Wine. The first written record of Sromlje dates back to 1268. In the beginning of the 20th century, Sromlje was an independent municipality, but was later transformed into a local community comprising six settlements. A preserved chapel-of-ease of St. John of Nepomuk dating back to the 14th century and the Parish Church of St. Martin (the patron of wine), which was built in 1750, are located there. The today’s community centre was constructed inside the premises of the former school, which was established shortly after 1800. Sromlje is a place distinguished by its rich natural, cultural, historical and wine- and fruit-growing heritage.

Experience Sromlje in the company of the locals in the charming vineyards, visit ravishing wine-cellars and taste top-quality wines produced by the wine growers, enjoy the beauty of the hills of Sromlje and a range of homemade culinary delights with a long tradition.


Route type: hiking trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 4.5 h
Length of the route: 13.5 km
Elevation gain: 480 m
Starting point: Riba in pol Kranjčič Ana Snack Bar
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