St. Vitus Trail

Length: 7 km
Duration: 2.5 h
Starting point: Sušnik Ethnographic Collection

This trail will take you from Parkljevec (the area between Brezovica and Pišeška Road) to the Church of St. Vitus or further on to the pilgrimage centre of Sveta gora. The trail starts at the Marija Sušnik Ethnographic Collection. At the information board, carefully cross Pišeška Road.

From there on, follow the asphalt road. Continue past the Miglč’s chapel. You can enjoy the view of Podgorje on the left and an overgrown sandy slope on the right. At the end of the slope stands the beautiful Tkalec Homestead, where you can visit a small root cellar.
You will then arrive at the crossroads at Petan’s cross. Stop at the old pear tree and admire the view of Bizeljsko Castle, the hamlet of Nimnik, the Blažova gorca Tourist Farm, and the vineyards of the Janeževa Gorca Homestead.

At the Blažova Gorca Tourist Farm, the trail turns left onto a steep path that descends to the village of Drameljšek and continues to Špiček, the highest peak of the Orlica Hills and an increasingly popular tourist destination. On the top of the hill, you can see the Church of St. Vitus and the chaplain’s house.
When you reach the next crossroads, turn left past the cross. You can see several crosses on the way, which indicates the pilgrimage route to Sveta Gora. The trail will then lead you to the smallest thatched vineyard cottage in Slovenia. Walking through the vineyards in the autumn, you can hear a wind rattle there. Turn right at a fork and continue towards the cellar with a wooden cross. Below there is the Opatično Homestead, which used to house nuns (hence the name − “opatica” means nun in Croatian). On the right, you can enjoy the view of the Janeževa Gorca Homestead, the heart of Bizeljsko with the Churches of St. Lawrence and St. Anthony, Lusthaus and the mountain peak of Sljeme above Zagreb.

Pass the old wooden vineyard cottage on the right and ascend along the cart track. You can see a beautiful “kevdr” (stone hut used for wine storage) with solar doors and the thatched Kelhar’s vineyard cottage on the right.

Turn sharp left towards the Rajterič Homestead, which offers a wonderful view of the hamlets of Vitna Vas and Bošt and the Gorjanci Hills in the background. Pass another stone hut, which was built in 1900 and includes a grape pressing room, and continue past the wooden Osojnik’s vineyard cottage. You will then arrive at the renovated chaplain’s house and the Church of St. Vitus, which holds two masses a year – on Saint Vitus’ Sunday and on Saint Roch’s Day. If you still have some energy left, you can continue walking through the vineyards towards the settlement of Vrhovnica. Not far from the Church of St. Vitus, you will arrive at a crossroads. Straight ahead, you can see the Kelhar Homestead with the Keltis Wine Cellar. If you turn right, you will come to the centre of Bizeljsko. You can also go left towards Svete gore, following the signs of the Slomšek Trail.
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