The trail of sovereignty

Length: 8.9 km
Duration: up to 3 h
Starting point: TIC Čatež ob Savi (Tourist Information Centre)

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The Circular trail of sovereignty is dedicated to the old Slovenian currency-"tolar" and the Slovenian language. It connects Pišece with the house where the linguist Maks Pleteršnik was born and the monument of the Slovenian old currency tolar on the Veliki Vrh, the highest point of the Orlica.
The trail is both recreational and educational, as it passes by various monuments and landmarks. 

The starting point is at the mill and the source of Gabrnica, right next to St Michael's Church. The trail leads past the Podgoršek Blacksmith Museum and past the Pleteršnik Homestead, to the pond below the castle. Follow the yellow markers in the forest at all times. You can stop at the hunting lodge and then walk along the macadam road to the hamlet of Preska, where there is a monument to the Slovenian old currency tolar. On the way back, you pass the Church of St Jedrta, which leads you to Pišece Castle, surrounded by mighty sequoias. You then return to your starting point.


Length of route: 13 km
Duration: Up to 4 hours
Starting point: St Michael's Church, Pišece

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