The trail to Špiček

Pot na ŠpičekPot na ŠpičekPot na ŠpičekPot na Špiček
The starting point of the trail to the highest point of the municipality of Brežice is at the pond below Pišece Castle. A circular marked trail leads past Pišece Castle and the castle park, planted with redwood trees, where you can fill up with water. Climb through the forest and follow the track to the hunting lodge, where the crossroads of the trail are located. Follow the signs and in a quarter of an hour you will reach the 690-metre-high summit, where there is a chapel with a register, a stamp and a bench. At the top, you will have a view of Bizeljsko and Croatia.  Follow the signs back past the Pletertšnik homestead.


Length of route: 7 km
Duration: Up to 2,5 hours
Starting point: Pond below Pišece Castle
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