We selected the top five experiences that are perfect for those who enjoy relaxation in spas, good food and wine, and those who like to explore nature and stay active.

Top 5 Experiences in Čatež and Brežice

Čatež and Brežice are a treasury of different experiences. We selected the top five experiences that are perfect for those who enjoy relaxation in spas, good food and wine, and those who like to explore nature and stay active.
Razvajanje v termah ČatežAktivnosti v vodiRazvajanje v savnahTerme Paradiso poleti

Relaxing in a Spa

At this destination, there is the biggest and the smallest spa complex in Slovenia. Experience the world of water adventures, 365 days a year.

Visit Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso. Both are famous by their high-quality offer and diversity. You can find many possibilities for fun, swimming or relaxation. Water fun for families with children is guaranteed. You can choose between numerous pools and water slides or take a swim in the slow river. If you want to relax or boost your immune system, you can go to one of many saunas that have a positive effect on your well-being. Accommodation is available in the hotel or the camp with its Indian village, houses in the pirate bay, or bee houses. A great choice and adventure for all generations!
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Ogled repnic

Sightseeing and Degustation in Repnica

Repnicas are a fascinating local peculiarity that cannot be found anywhere else. These are caves dug in hard quartz sand, which were used for storing turnip over the winter. Turnip was the main feed for livestock in the winter. The Slovenian word for turnip is ‘repa’, hence the name ‘repnica’. After these storing methods were no longer used, repnicas became a monument of the past, while many winegrowers turned them into special rooms for storing and tasting wine. Some repnicas have interesting ornaments on the ceiling or walls. These caves have the ideal temperatures and humidity required for wine aging.
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Odkrivanje gradovOdkrivanje gradovGrad BizeljskoGrad Pišece

Discovering Castles

There are four mighty castles in Čatež and Brežice – Brežice, Bizeljsko, Mokrice, and Pišece. These castles have a very rich history and each castle is a unique architectural sight. The Brežice Castle hosts the Posavje Museum Brežice and it has theunique Knight’s Hall with its many frescoes. The whole hall is a first-class Baroque gallery with a rich mythological content. Explore the castles and discover the secrets hidden behind the castle walls.
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Sotočje okusov

Confluence of Tastes

Would you like to taste the destination? Brežice is traditionally a rich gastronomic area with a wide variety of dishes and high-quality wines. In the Brežice town centre, you can find the restaurant Ošterija Debeluh, a MICHELIN Plate restaurant. Chef Jure Tomič captivates guests with creative dishes made from local ingredients and proves that cuisine is an art. If you prefer more traditional dishes, you can go to a tourist farm or other restaurants that focus on traditional cuisine. Or you can go for a ramble on one of the wine roads and try local wines in vineyard cottages or in repnica.
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S kanujiSedenje ob vodiS supom po Krki<center>Vodna doživetja na Krki</center>

Water Adventures of the Krka River

Did you know that there is the confluence of the rivers Sava and Krka at the destination?

Krka provides possibilities for many sporting activities. You can join a team and go canoeing or keep your balance on a SUP board. More experienced kayakers can test their skills on a slalom course at the mouth of the Krka River. Both Krka and Sava have designated areas for fishing. You can try fishing for zander, pike or huchen.

In the summer months, it is very lively at the Krka River– especially in Grič at theTochka Beach Bar. Do not forget to bring your picnic blanket, which can also be a great relaxation idea for couples and families.
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