Čatež and Brežice offer numerous adventures. Choose the ones you like.
Moments pass, but unforgettable memories remain.
S čašo vina nad skrivnostiS čašo vina nad skrivnostiS čašo vina nad skrivnosti

​Uncovering Secrets with a Glass of Wine

Experience Bizeljsko in a special way. At the bottom of the former Pannonian See, you can try the best local wines in the nice company of the owner. She will also tell you many interesting stories. While having a glass of wine, you can listen to the quiet or observe Pleistocene moss, which is over a million years old and was activated in the cave. You can then head to the 3 km distant tavern with the year 1793 carved above the door. Coachmen used to stop here to change yokes, spend the night, eat and drink, before going back on the road. The road through Bizeljsko used to be the closes connection between Maribor or Ptuj and Brežice, going further towards Zagreb.

Package includes:
Visit to the Najger Root Cellar (tasting of four types of wine),
Lunch or dinner at the restaurant Gostilna Kocjan (appetiser, soup, main dish, salad, desert, a glass of beverage, and coffee), and
A surprise gift.Price: €30
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