Feel the vibe of the destination by visiting local events.
There is always something going on in Čatež and Brežice. Concerts, fairs, workshops, stands, gastronomy, shops with local products, and much more.

However, there are also some established traditional events that take place every year and are being constantly expanded. Bellow, we present these traditional events.
Brežice, moje mestoBrežice, moje mestoBrežice, moje mestoBrežice, moje mesto

Brežice, My Town Festival

The biggest festival in Posavje brings more than 25,000 Slovenian and foreign visitors every year to the old town centre (and other parts of the municipality).

The seven-day festival takes place at the end of June. It combines different events like street performances, concerts by famous musicians, workshops for children, an antiquity fair, and sporting challenges like the Brežice run with the Olympic champion Primož Kozmus.

And the tasty cuisine of Posavje is the icing on the cake – with many promotional projects during the festival like the gourmet street food Kuhna na ul'ci and the Bread, Wine, and Salami Day.

For more information visti: www.bmm.si
Dobovski fašjenkDobovski fašjenkDobovski fašjenkDobovski fašjenk

Dobova Fašjenk Carnival

Dobova and the neighbouring towns have a long history of carnivals. According to the oral tradition of the oldest inhabitants, there were carnivals here since the time of their ancestors. To this day, the traditional masks of a mower, which originated in the town Loče, and a prutar (hazel stick carrier), which originated in Veliki Obrež, were preserved.

During the summer months, the local carnival groups also take part in international summer carnivals in Europe. This traditional cultural event is the biggest tourist event in this part of Slovenia, bringing many visitors to Dobova each year. One of the carnival's biggest acknowledgements came by being accepted into the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC).
Festival SEVIQC BrežiceFestival SEVIQC BrežiceFestival SEVIQC BrežiceFestival SEVIQC Brežice

SEVIQC Festival in Brežice

This traditional festival became well known for its old music. In over three decades, SEVIQC Brežice consolidated its reputation of an event of national importance and became one of the most important cultural events, while on a global scale, it became known as a well-organised and highly appreciated event, receiving many acknowledgements from artists, producers, professional critics, businessmen, and music fans.
Mestna promenada BrežiceMestna promenada BrežiceMestna promenada BrežiceMestna promenada BrežiceBrežiška mestna promenada

Brežice Town Promenade

The Town Promenade is a summer festival in the old town centre of Brežice, transforming the town centre and bringing it to life. The Promenade has a diverse programme, including music, dancing, workshops for children, and cuisine. This free event takes place every July and has an important role in the promotion of culture and tourism in Brežice.
Brežice, moje praznično mestoBrežice, moje praznično mestoBrežice, moje praznično mestoBrežice, moje praznično mesto

Brežice, My Christmas Town

In December, the streets of Brežice come to life not only thanks to the glow of festive lights, but also because of the diverse program of concerts, holiday events, parades, performances for children, festive villages and many other activities. These are all good reasons to visit the town in December, observe at the idyllically decorated Brežice Town Park and Castle, and take part in one of the many events.
Silvestrovanje v Brežicah

New Year's Eve in Brežice

Every year in Brežice, we await the arrival of the New Year on the streets, right in the centre of the old town, in front of the municipal building.

During the holidays, local caterers provide particularly favourable packages for all those who want to bid farewell to the old year in our town. Along with tasty food and excellent wine, you will surely find the perfect spot for yourself. Just make sure you join us before midnight in a joint celebration on the streets.
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