Trail on Cirnik

Length: 17 km
Time: 5 hours
Starting point: at the source of the Gabernica stream, Pišece, Duplo cave

Pot na CirnikPot na CirnikPot na Cirnik
The trail runs along the Gabernica stream, which originates in Pišce, all the way to its confluence with the Sava River, and is the first water trail in Slovenia. The watercourse and all the developments along the stream are presented in an interesting way - both in a naturalistic and in an exploitative-consequential perspective. The trail starts at the source of the Gabernica stream at the foot of the Orlice River in the village of Pišece, in the Duplo cave. It then passes by a restored old mill, a forest stream as a real feeder of aquatic plants and animals, a pond in Pišece, the valley stream of an even richer meandering stream with water, through the valley along the Globoko-Pišece road, through Dednja vas, Blatna and Piršnbreg. It continues across the Brežiče field, following a regulated channel through the villages of Globoko, Cundrovec, Zakot to Mostec, where it flows into the Sava. Along the Gabernica you can get to know the diversity of life along the stream: the natural watercourse, the use of the watercourse (mills), the characteristics of the watercourse in the lowlands, the regulation of the natural watercourse - why and what are the consequences for the environment, the lowland floodplain forests of the Dobrava, the interesting floodplains near Kapele (Jovsi). Along the way, we strengthen our ecological awareness by learning about the forms and importance of water in nature (biotopes, ecology) and in society (spring-catchment, mills, pond, paving of troughs - drainage of "excess" water for the needs of land management for agriculture, use of thermal water, etc.).


Length of the route: 17 km
Duration of the route: 5 hours
Starting point: at the source of the Gabernica stream, Pišece, Duplo cave
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